Software Innovation - 360° eMeetings

2011 • Design Lead • Pictogram illustration • iPad application • UX
- How do you design a document controlling application for the public sector to be intuitive and exiting? Well, you’re about to find out :)


Document controlling application for the public sector are usually a mixture between poorly designed UI overloaded with functions and buttons almost impossible to understand for anyone that is not the engineer behind it or if you don’t take a course in learning it.
The client wanted me to change this, something that I was more than happy to do.


I researched different types of minimalistic and intuitive styles of graphic design. I also researched the physical properties of materials such as papers and documents, something the users were familiar with in their everyday professional life.


The 360°eMeetings was designed with inspiration from Swiss design due to its minimalistic and simplistic characteristics. To make it as clear and simple only 2 colors were used. The physical properties of papers were used for navigation.