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Baze technology | 2008 • Design Lead • GD • Icon Illustration
- How do you make an industrial collaboration system easy to use?


BazeField is a collaboration system performing integrated operations with secure and effective collaborations in oil production on oil rigs and ships in isolated places in the world with a centralized operations center.


I started the process by trying to put myself in the same situation as the user. What type of context is the product going to be used in? How critical are the situations? Who is the user?
The answer was that the situations could be very critical and the user could have little to no IT-experience. The conclusion was that this system had to be very easy to use and there was no room for confusion.
I started to gather inspiration from real world objects and minimalistic everyday icons. (This product was made in 2008 and at the time icons was made up of multiple colors in a 3D style design) So I had to design my own icon system.
Process images:
Context of product use
Process images:
Showing inspiration from everyday objects
Process images:
Showing inspiration from everyday symbols


I developed a design based on minimal cognitive load for the user. With graphics as close to real life as possible and icons as simple as possible. In a critical situation the user should not have to worry about how to figure out how to operate the system.
Icon design inspired by minimalistic everyday life symbols